Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 4: The Church Bag

After many, many Sundays of carrying my purse, church bulletins, children's crafts, choir music, returned casserole dishes, and more...I finally came up with a solution for holding it all! What you see above is our "church bag". When we have items that must be taken to church, they get put in the bag so they are ready to travel with us to the next service. This bag has been invaluable to our family, and, again, is one of those simple solutions that makes a big difference!
I knew I wanted a bag that would be easily identifiable as our family's (just in case it was accidentally left at church), so I searched on Ebay for personalized boat tote bags, and found the Embroidery and Gift Store. The bag you see above cost me $20 plus shipping, and I got to choose my font, design, and colors. Here is a link to the page for the bag itself and also a link to the page which shows additional lettering choices for the tote bags. I chose a two-tone selection in the 'Katy' font with black and red. You can see a close-up below:
We love our bag, and it has held up well in the wash. She offers many other bags in prints as well as basic black. This has been a wonderful solution to help us carry all of our 'extras' to and from church so that we have arms to carry our children too! :o)


Love Being A Nonny said...

Great idea! Love it!

Rosie said...

Another great idea...thanks for sharing this!

Farrah said...

I have an assortment of totes and they are so handy! My art supplies are in one and in the car I keep one with a magazine, hand sanitizer, lipgloss, composition notebook and pens, and water bottle. Very cute font, Mrs. Wilt. That is cheaper than LL Bean and if they hold up then worth it!

Cathie Bryk said...

love this!

I need one for everything I do - this might help me not forget things.

Of course then there will be 20 different bags - but that could still work ;)